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Marketing For A Cause

In Fundraising, Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

When marketing your product or business, it is important to connect your consumer to the campaign so they can feel proud of their patronage of your business. Many companies have adopted cause-related marketing in order to do more than just promote their business. Cause-related marketing requires you to form an agreement with a particular cause in which some percentage of …

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Don’t Spread Misinformation: Spotting Clickbait, Native Ads, and Digital Image Manipulation

In News by Erin Collier-Plummer

There are many forms of misinformation on the Internet and social media. How many times have we seen a headline that really piqued our curiosity, only to click on it and find out it was just an ad or sponsored (read: biased) content? Being a responsible consumer of information means understanding how to identify media messages such as clickbait, native …

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Why Encrypting Your Website is Important, According to Google

In Internet Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

In 2014, Google announced that all websites should follow the HTTPS protocol to provide additional security to visitors. While many sites have moved to this protocol, others have not, and the latter run the risk of being penalized or having their websites flagged by Google. This protocol assures visitors that a website is authentic and safe from unauthorized access. Our latest …

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Keyword Research: Key Steps to Greater Website Visibility

In SEO by Lynn Pechinski

An important factor in website optimization – boosting your page ranking on the search engines – is incorporating keywords that closely match the terms your business’s target customers are searching for. Choosing the right keywords is the result of careful keyword research. Though this process of selecting keywords may sound highly technical, it doesn’t have to be. Our latest LinkedIn Pulse …

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Different Decorating Techniques to Make Your Corporate Apparel Stand Out

In Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

Corporate apparel is a very effective way to build your brand as well as your corporate culture. There are many different types of decorating techniques, and it’s important to understand the differences in order to make the best decision for your customized apparel project. Our latest LinkedIn Pulse article describes each technique in detail so you can make the right …

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The Best Marketing Advice for Small Business Owners

In Marketing, News by Lynn Pechinski

If you have a small business, creating a marketing strategy can be a challenge. With some commitment and persistence, you can create a marketing plan that can reap huge dividends. Get your message out by using the tools outlined in our latest Ezine article. Call or email 1st Straw to get solid marketing advice.

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10 Quick Tips for Writing Blogs

In Copywriting & Design, Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

A blog can be a great tool for providing relevant and useful information to readers about your industry or many other topics while helping to keep your business top of mind. But, it can be daunting – unless you follow some simple rules that can make your blog writing more effective. Our latest LinkedIn Pulse article will help you through the process of …

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Promote Your Business with a Healthcare Theme

In Promotional Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

Looking for a new way to promote your business to your target audience? Participating in a health fair and selecting wellness-related customized products can be an effective way to reach potential customers. Read our most recent LinkedIn article for some great products you can personalize and use to promote your brand in a healthcare environment.