Chicken Little is fearful of the sky falling


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Chicken Little "The Sky is Falling" represents the tale of fearfulness.
Chicken Little “The Sky is Falling”

Remember Chicken Little? This folk tale told of a chicken who believed the sky was falling because an acorn hit his head. Drama ensued. COVID-19 has hit us with a sizeable acorn. And upon those who do nothing, the sky may indeed fall. But smart marketers and business owners are using this time to prevent the sky from falling. Plan YOUR future success by implementing these expert tactics to Clean Up, Reach Out and Follow Up.

Here are a few expert tips you need to focus forward and make the best of a challenging market. First, set a clear goal to improve your business.

1. CLEAN UP – Look at your customer and prospect lists. Designate the records that are active clients or customers; inactive, out of business, retired, moved or terminated. Are you able to contact your loyal clients by phone, email and direct mail? When it is not possible to have a face-to-face meeting and you want to be memorable, start with a current, clean contact list.

2. REACH OUT – Take the scrubbed contact list and get in touch. Find ways to check in with your clients and see how they are doing. Your contact can be with

  • Phone Call
  • Personal Email
  • Electronic Newsletter
  • Linked In Direct Message
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter Direct Message
  • Online Marketing
  • Direct Mail package with printed material and a branded product

Stay in touch with customers

Seeing or hearing about company updates or ads will give your customers a sense of security.

Make your contact memorable. A phone call is the best way to find out how they are doing. It shows genuine interest and caring. You can discover ways you may help. You may uncover opportunities to build business.

Social Media and email is reaching out. The chance a client or prospect will reply is uncertain. If your message is compelling and creates curiosity, feedback chances are improved.

If you want to get noticed use direct mail. You get a guaranteed measurable response. A direct mail package with your company’s branded product or their company’s branded product is more likely to get attention.

Think about getting a package in the mail, not from Amazon. The package in itself will evoke curiosity. It is unexpected, a surprise. You open the package to find something new, creatively wrapped and packed. What is it? Inside you find a special product. The product is something you can use. It may be branded with the sender’s company name. Even better, the item is personalized with your name or your company’s logo. Now follow that mailing with a phone call. Find out how to build your business. Direct mail marketing is extremely effective in creating goodwill. Direct mail is proven to lead to better top-of-mind awareness for your company.  

83% of Consumers Surveyed May Keep a Promotional Product because the product or message is useful.*

3. FOLLOW UP – This step is often overlooked. The customer or prospect didn’t reply to your first contact. Try a second, third or fourth approach. Vary the method and message. If you tried an email message with no response, then follow with a phone call. If you tried a phone call then follow up with a direct mail piece. If you send a package with a personal or branded item, always follow up with a phone call to make sure they got it.

Look at the mega companies who do it best. Again, think of Amazon. How many email messages do you get to follow up on a purchase? You probably get an email saying, if you liked that book you just read, what about this book.

Of course you want the best solution on a tight budget. You want to leverage your investment to get the best return on marketing dollars spent.

Many businesses are taking a step back when it comes to marketing, advertising and promoting their business. You can benefit by remaining top-of-mind in your specific market niche. Let your company be the first brand that comes to mind when prospects are looking for what you have to offer.

Find alternatives to provide your products and services differently

Now more than ever, find new alternatives for doing business. Look at the grocery retailers who pivoted to offer home delivery. While some restaurants shuttered their doors, others found a way to offer covered outdoor dining, no contact pickup and delivery services.

The need of the hour is to focus and value every client. Acknowledge customers’ concerns and priorities. Convey your new strategies and policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider how your company is supporting your community with fund raising efforts. 1st Straw can help you develop a program to give back to the community and your loyal customers.

1st Straw Marketing & Promotions has been offering services for nearly two decades … back when the economy crashed in 2008 and still here in 2020.  We are small enough to give you the kind of attention you need and large enough and experienced enough to make solid recommendations. We work to improve your marketing including website visibility, direct mail packaging, promotional products, and most importantly, copy writing a compelling message.

We can craft a strategy to help you gain new contacts and customers while retaining your current loyal clientele. Survival of the fittest means now is the time to adapt your marketing approach. Highlight the legacy of your company and how your company is adjusting to the current market. 1st Straw Marketing and Promotions can offer you services to help you survive through these turbulent times.

Your customers want to hear from you. 1st Straw Marketing wants to hear from you. Call Lynn at 609-472-1667 and tell us how we can help you market your business.

If you need to gear up to promote your business with safety and health items, we are ready to help.

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Expert tips on how to adjust your small business marketing strategy towards customers or clients during COVID-19 pandemic.


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*2019 PPAI Consumer Study Report