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Why do better quality garments last longer?

In Promotional Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

[box type=”titled-box” title=”What Makes the Difference?” variation=”blue”] Why do better quality garments last longer? On reason is dimensional stability; the garment will resist the tendency to shrink or distort after washing. Quality apparel will maintain its intended shape to wear well over and over again.

Look inside the garment for quality: You will see double-needle hems on better garments. This is two rows of stitching sewn parallel to each other. Look at the shirt’s neck and shoulders to find a ¼ inch of fabric sewn over the inside seams. Taped neck seams, taped shoulder seams and double needle hems secure the seams, help the garment maintain its shape and give a more finished appearance.

Apparel weight (light, medium or heavy weight) is not the best indicator of a garment’s quality. Light weight is about 4 oz. per square yard of fabric; medium weight is about 5 oz. and heavyweight is about 6 oz. Weight will vary among fabrics. For example, the often-seen white t-shirt of many famous brands is available in a 5 oz weight and a 6 oz. weight. While the lighter garment is more economical, a white tee shirt is somewhat transparent and revealing. On the other hand, the ultra popular Under Armour® brand features t-shirt styles that are super thin and use very light weight performance fabrics.

* Look for “no curl” collars on your golf shirt; choose “anti pill” fleece on your hooded pullover. If you choose a performance fabric, make sure your decorating technique will not compromise the garments performance properties.[/box]


Why do better quality garments last longer?

One reason is dimensional stability