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In Internet Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

[box type=”titled-box” title=”The world is in a FACEBOOK FRENZY!” variation=”blue”] The current marketing buzz is all about Social Networking. Facebook has users that are 9 months old and users that are 90 years old! (yes, infants and grandparents have Facebook pages! I’ve seen it!!) Everyone is hopping on the social networking bandwagon! If you’re marketing your business or non-profit, don’t rely solely on the web to aggressively and effectively market your materials or cause.

Traditional marketing should not be overlooked because it works. Good old fashioned USPS mail, aka “snail mail” or direct mail marketing will still work for you if, you’re doing it the right way. With all the daily bills and junk, what is it about some direct mail that makes you not immediately trash it the moment it’s in your hand? Is it because the paper/material is brightly colored, is it the attention-grabbing graphics, is it because a coupon or promotional offer comes with it, or is it because a bold key word catches your eye? These are just some of the big and small things we consider when plotting your marketing strategy.

It’s proven. A direct mail is more effective when it includes a gift. Who doesn’t love a freebie? But the key is making the freebie something different, useful, and well made. Let’s face it; a pen from your dentist’s office just isn’t that exciting!! But new freebies can be extremely cool and everytime you use that freebie you think/remember where it came from. Thus, planting that marketing seed. For example, a zip drive(decorated with your company logo) – killer freebie!! Not only is the “gig stick” a valuable gift to store your favorite songs and pics, but it can carry your company’s entire brochure or seminar presentation on it.

If your law firm gave you a free umbrella (another good one), I bet you’ve been unbelievably grateful in torrential rain and downpour when others’ umbrellas are turning inside out and snapping in two. I have numerous times said to myself “thank you Duey, Cheatem & How, LLC” LOL — if I ever needed an attorney, this firm would no doubt be the first to enter my thoughts! Another key when giving out custom printed projects (freebies) to market your product, cause or company is for the products you use to be well made. Quality!! If your umbrella or zip drive is failing you, you’ll be cursing those “cheap” companies instead of singing their praises!

A savvy marketer is always creating or planning a strategy – here’s another example – your company sells computer equipment, new and refurbished. Why not ship every piece of equipment with your company name on a permanent metal plate displayed on the equipment for service calls and future product orders? Where is your prospective customer when the most need your service?

Some businesses use magnets, (not all that exciting or new) but, it works! Here’s the scenario: A frazzled mother of three is juggling kids, carpool, and a rowdy dog… and suddenly a pipe in the kitchen bursts… who is the first person she’ll call??? The bright neon yellow magnet advertising “Jim’s Affordable Plumbing” that’s currently holding up her 5 year-old’s artwork on the fridge, that’s who! Who has time to find and flip through a phone book or get to the computer with 3 screaming kids and a barking dog??!! Strategy – it works. The magnet is right there – the busy Mom make’s the call – Jim gets business – everyone wins!

And for those who have the fancy stainless or wood front fridges, we have the answer, a special vinyl product that looks like a magnet but can stick and move around wood, glass or stainless that won’t hold onto magnets. We keep current with product innovations so you can keep your company and message in front of your customers and prospects.

One more from our company is our computer strip calendars. How often do you find yourself referring to the tiny desk calendar advertising that you received in the mail for Christmas?!! Our clients call us if the calendar isn’t in the mail to them by December 25th!!It works!!

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone has a Twitter, Linked-In, or Facebook account. This social media type marketing will work and does work but it doesn’t work alone and it can only do so much.

As a marketing professional working in the world of social media you have to find what works, what gets a positive reaction, and how to tap into that reaction and efficiently and effectively use it to accomplish your goal(s). Again, Social Media will not work alone. It must be used with other marketing tactics (which will be discussing over the next few weeks/months on our blog) and in a joint effort with those other tactics we will plot and devise a plan or strategy after we outline and layout your goals. A diverse, well-conceived and executed strategy, that’s what it’s all about and what really works!![/box]

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