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Men’s & Women’s Styles

In Targeted Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

[box type=”titled-box” title=”Companion Brands for Men & Women” variation=”blue”] Men’s shirts are shaped straight through the torso with the shoulders slightly sloping down from the collar and the sleeve sloping down at an angle. Basic fit considerations are fit at the neck, shoulder and sleeves. Men’s sleeve lengths are offered short or long sleeves down to the wrist. Men’s short sleeve shirts are worn longer on the arm, in some styles down to the elbow. Oversize shirts have the same cut yet larger in overall dimensions. Women’s shirts are tailored to better fit a women’s natural shape and give more comfort. Tailoring at the waist makes the shirt lighter and more comfortable without extra loose fabric bunching at the waist. Shirt sleeves are typically shorter and fit closer to the shoulder. Some women’s shirts are available in a ¾ length sleeve; flattering for women because it displays the slimmest part of the arm while covering the upper arm. As the shirt is tailored at the waist, many women’s shirts will feature a slight flaring at the hips. Another key distinction in women’s apparel is flaring to allow for the difference in chest size. Flaring flatters a woman’s features, allowing for better movement and comfort without bunching of excess material. Along with the tailored contour, women’s styles are cut shorter than men’s shirts. Another notable difference is women’s shirt buttons are found on the left side of the placket and men’s shirt buttons are on the right. When choosing your location for decorating apparel, be mindful where on the body the design will be displayed. Many experienced buyers try to stay away from chest logos when dressing women.[/box]  

Men’s and Women’s Style by Brand

Men’s and Women’s styles and sizes are very different. Many brands offer companion styles to dress both men and women.