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QR Codes

In Targeted Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

[box type=”titled-box” title=”The Quick Response Code” variation=”blue”] If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll see it everywhere after you read this. Truly a marketing innovation: The “Quick Response Code” or “QR Code” for short — Many believe will change the world of marketing completely! A QR code is a barcode that anyone can scan, most likely from their Smartphone, immediately linking them to a marketer’s web page, video, map, coupon or almost any other data. Still relatively new in the U.S. – QR codes are widely used in Japan & Europe (no surprise there!) First developed in 1994, by Denso-Wave, a Japanese Corporation, the codes were created to track auto parts. Lately some big names have caught onto the trend and started marketing with QR codes – companies such as, McDonald’s, Pepsi and Pottery Barn. Why not take a technologically advanced approach and market your cause or company using a QR code?? It’s a modern and efficient way to inform your client or your client’s client of your company, product, or cause. 1st Straw can do this for you!! Consider the nearly endless ways a QR code can boost your company’s visibility and near instant connectivity. I’ll touch on a select few: 1) viewing a website – landing page 2) viewing an online video 3) viewing social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook or Linked In 3)dialing a telephone number 4) sending an email or text message 5)viewing promotional offers or coupons. I am picturing a company (maybe your Company) sponsoring a large scale golf tournament or race… how neat would it be to have company t-shirts printed with your logo and a QR code??? You know people watching/attending the event with a Smartphone are not going to be able to resist snapping a picture or scanning that QR code. Where that QR code takes that consumer is up to you… is it a YouTube video about your company? Is it a coupon or promotional offer for a service your company is offering/selling? It could also be your electronic business card with complete contact information. Again, endless possibilities. QR codes are great because there is instant and immediate gratification. Lots of times we see a product, logo or sign that we want to know more about. We try to make a mental note but by the time we’re home or have a free second that mental note is long gone! With a QR code there’s no down time. You see it, you scan it, and you immediately get the info you need!! We think you would see a spike in business if you started using QR codes in your direct mail marketing. QR codes are so new and so cool; just the idea of scanning one and seeing where it takes you is pretty enticing!! A QR code is an engaging and interactive way to market your cause. AND IT’S FUN! I scan one every time I see one in a magazine just because the technology blows me away. We’ve got tons of ideas for using this hot marketing trend!! Let us help you with your first QR Code Campaign.[/box]
What are QR Codes?
1st Straw Marketing & Promotions shares a general description of QR Codes and how you can use them from a marketing standpoint in your business