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3 Benefits of Running a “Scratch Off” Promotion

In Marketing, Promotional Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

Have you ever participated in a scratch off promotion? It’s a fun and engaging way to offer your existing and prospective customers incentives to do business with you. It capitalizes on the reality that people love getting free or discounted stuff, and enjoy the excitement of the surprise! One major fast food chain has used this kind of program very successfully for many years, creating a board game where customers can collect game pieces and win prizes. It generated so much buzz that people looked forward to playing it year after year!

You can use scratch off promotions to promote many different types of products or services either on paper or online. Whether it’s a peel and reveal, a pull-tab, or an online “wheel” that visitors can spin for a prize, you’re sure to gain new business by using a scratch off promotional marketing program. Our latest LinkedIn article provides great ideas about creating a scratch off promotion program of your own:

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