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Screen Printing 101: Why Using an Underbase Matters

In Promotional Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

Anyone who’s ever had custom apparel created for their company has some familiarity with screen printing. As a decoration method, it is a popular one; it works with a variety of different fabrics and can be used for many types of items, such as clothing and tote bags. Screen printing involves the application of ink through a screen to create a particular image onto fabric. In order to get the best results for your screen printing project, using a white underbase is recommended, both for durability and imprint quality. Our latest EzineArticles item discusses what an underbase is, when it’s recommended, and how using an underbase on your screen printed apparel pieces makes the imprint last longer and gives it increased vibrancy and longevity: http://ezinearticles.com/?Screen-Printing-101:-Why-Using-an-Underbase-Matters&id=9443058

Image: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / geargodz