Helping Others Helps Us
Grow and Succeed

In Business, News by Lynn Pechinski

One of the missions of our marketing firm is to help businesses and non-profits make more money, address a challenge or create a surplus in fundraising to do their good works. When our clients do well, we do well. We help others.

Our helping hand extends into the community. We donate our goods and our time. We also provide opportunities for highly motivated and dependable individuals, people with disabilities, such as those at Bancroft Office Support Services (BOSS). BOSS has been our go-to resource for fulfillment programs. We go out of our way to offer their staff projects that help offer opportunities for personal growth and lifelong development. We love to visit and see the light in the eyes and the giant smiles of the people who work on our projects.

Last night we attended a very special event, Bancroft’s 19th Annual Employer Recognition event. Bancroft’s mission:One world. For everyone. We were honored to be included on the invitation list and so inspired by the keynote speaker, Mr. Scott Chesney. Scott has traveled around the world twice and founded theRaise Hope Foundation, Inc. At the age of 15, Scott suffered a spinal stroke and became paralyzed. He has since completed both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s program, become a life coach, played sports, explored various therapies and learned ways for people to create better lives. Scott reminded us that life isn’t easy, but we can do whatever we set our sights, our hopes, goals and dreams on. If you think you can’t do it, get out of your head and switch to your heart. The courage and passion you find there will carry you through.

The ride home from the event left us feeling a mix of emotions: happy and grateful for what we have, as well as hopeful for the future to meet our challenges professionally and personally. When we speak about the people we cross paths with who constantly complain, we must consider how Scott has overcome so many challenges with a great purpose to help others, a great attitude and a sense of humor. He will not let life’s hurdles stop his efforts. While he is not the first motivational speaker we’ve listened to, he is the one who sat at our dinner table last night and inspired a room of dedicated people to hope for a better future. Thank you, Mr. Chesney, for igniting the spark in the hearts of others to offer support to people with disabilities.

Indeed, One World. For everyone.