The “Eyes” Have It:
Eyeball Marketing

In Internet Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

Giving seminars is a great lead generator and learning experience. Here is one of the great questions that came up in a recent seminar I presented: Where do people look at on the search engine results page?

A MiraMetrix© eye tracking study was done by SEOmoz to reveal what viewers are looking at on their screens. We can see on the screenshot below that the eye is focused on the organic search listing, the red balloons and the Google map. There appears to be less emphasis on the paid listings in this particular example. People’s eyes are attracted to pictures and graphics on the page. We are skimmers, not readers, when we search. Just like the hunters and gathers in the olden days, we scan the landscape (in this case, the search engine results page) to pick up the key(word)s for what we are looking for.

Of course, if your website is not placing well on the search engine results page for your critical keywords, you need to do some work to make your website more visible. That’s what my seminar covers in detail.

You can also glean from the graphic below what website visitors may be missing on your web page. An eye tracking study for your website can reveal hidden opportunities for improvement. Is the viewer missing something you think is critical for lead conversion (making the sale)?

Keep in mind that every action taken to get to your website (as well as actions taken on your website) can be measured in granular detail. If you know when, where and how visitors are finding your site and you can help their actions on the site, the website becomes a very effective lead generation and lead conversion tool.