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The 4 Often-Overlooked Benefits of Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

In Social Media Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

Using social media for your business consists of more that randomly posting articles and coupons on Facebook or Twitter. An effective social media marketing plan involves consistent posting of interesting content, the active engagement of readers in a two-way conversation, and the solicitation of feedback and reviews for continuous improvement (to learn more about the power of reviews, click here). It is, like any other marketing program a company executes, well thought-out and includes setting measurable goals to gauge its success. The distinct benefits of using social media to market your company and boost your brand visibility are many. The best part is – any business, no matter how big or small – can do it with minimal investment. In our latest LinkedIn Pulse article, we highlight the 4 lesser-known advantages of running a well-managed social media marketing program: