Using the Periodic Table of SEO to Create SEO Success

In SEO by Lynn Pechinski

In essence – and in a very simplistic way – building a successful SEO program is a bit like baking bread. Unlike cooking, baking requires a stricter adherence to a recipe, because of the chemical interactions necessary. Too much salt? Your bread won’t rise, no matter how much sugar and yeast you include. If you don’t take the time to proof the yeast or let the dough rise, your loaf will be dense. An oven that’s too hot or too cool, or dough that’s baked too long or not long enough will result in a loaf that’s inedible. And…well, you get the picture. Like the chemical reactions needed to create a delicious loaf of bread that others will enjoy, your SEO program needs to include many factors. To this end, Search Engine Land has created a wonderful “periodic table” that outlines the elements of an effective program. The elements are grouped in seven categories: content, trust, HTML, architecture, links, personal, and social. While they all work together, and are all important, some are more vital than others. This infographic is rich in useful information that will help boost your search engine rankings in both the short and long term. 1st Straw Marketing & Promotions has the know-how to combine artisanship with chemistry to create SEO success for your organization!  Click here to view the infographic, courtesy of Search Engine Land.