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How to Turn Online Leads Into Customers Through Conversion Rate Optimization

In Internet Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

The most effective marketing begins with the end in mind. The ongoing goal in everything we do is to get the next customer. Once we bring a visitor to our website, our job is to show the visitor the clear, direct path to the next step. Whether our goal is to get the visitor to call, email, download, or submit a survey, we need to create pages that optimize our lead conversion opportunities.

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, takes your online marketing to the critical next phase: turning website or landing page visitors into leads. Improving your website’s CRO involves testing, analysis, and putting the results to work in concrete and specific ways. All page elements – from design and layout to text and calls to action – must be examined and tweaked based on hard data.

In our latest LinkedIn Pulse article, we share 3 key tips to increase the conversion rate of your website and grow your business: