Beyoncé the Marketer

In Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

Beyoncé’s Marketing Buzz

When I suggest people use a blog to improve their online visibility, I get some sour reactions. Mostly I hear excuses such as, “I don’t have time and I can’t write.” How can we make it easier? It’s easier than you might think. Reflect on what happens in your everyday life and consider your unique perspective. Take that ranting vent of complaint and turn it into a positive article about how you think things should be, outlining steps for improvement. Take a headline from the news and comment on it. Voilà! You have a blog.

For example: just before Christmas, Beyoncé was making news and being bold. Here is my article about her groundbreaking marketing move. I started first with an article with a link and then created a blog! Take your thoughts and content, and expand your reach beyond your current fans, friends and followers.

Position yourself as a thought leader and business expert. Showcase your business and provide fresh content for your website. Google loves it!