Cause Related Marketing

Marketing For A Cause

In Fundraising, Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

When marketing your product or business, it is important to connect your consumer to the campaign so they can feel proud of their patronage of your business. Many companies have adopted cause-related marketing in order to do more than just promote their business. Cause-related marketing requires you to form an agreement with a particular cause in which some percentage of your revenue is given as charity. These kinds of ventures benefit both your business and the associated non-profit organization. Cause-related marketing can be a true win-win situation in terms of profitability and is strongly recommended to businesses that are looking to create a positive image in the minds of consumers.

Build Your Brand By Benefiting Others

For Non-Profit Organization or Charity

If we look at the benefits of cause-related marketing for the charity or the non-profit organization, the first thing that comes to mind is the revenue that is generated through such campaigns. Another benefit to the charity or non-profit organization is the kind of awareness that these campaigns inspire. Charities and non-profit organizations are always looking to raise consciousness about their causes; by getting associated with a business, these platforms gain sufficient awareness and also attract  new donors.

For Business

For the business, cause-related marketing results in an increase in corporate social responsibility. This is very important because it builds a positive image of your brand in the minds of consumers. Consumers are always looking out for opportunities to give back and welcome any business effort that provides them to do this through their purchases. Participating in cause-related marketing can help increase your loyal customer base. Research has also found out that both your consumers and your employees prefer to align with businesses that are associated with something bigger than just money. This alliance with a non-profit campaign can induce better satisfaction levels in your employees. Cause-related marketing also attracts new customers to your business. Because of the popularity and importance of different awareness programs, a business is more likely to attract the attention of new consumers who are looking to give back to the community in some way.

For the Year 2018

If you are looking to plan ahead for cause-related events your business can partner with in the year ahead, you can take a look at different events taking place in your area. Depending on what kind of awareness program you wish to be associated with, you can find out when such events are taking place. There are a number of categories in such events such as: Health Awareness Programs, Animal Charities, Environmental Programs, Education Programs, Global Crisis Awareness Programs and many others. Here is a snapshot of some of the events taking place in the first three months of 2018. Call Lynn Pechinski at 1st Straw Marketing for more cause-related marketing ideas – or visit the website!