Clothes Make the Company:
“Wearable Branding” as an Effective and Effortless Promotional Tool

In Promotional Marketing by Lynn Pechinski

Do you have a favorite t-shirt? Our company produces a lot of custom printed t-shirts for our customers. Imprinted t-shirts, when cleverly designed, sized and produced with high quality printing standards, will provide an excellent vehicle to promote your business or event. The cost per impression (the “eyeball exposure” to your brand) is very low compared to other forms of print advertising and promotion, especially when you consider the frequency and longevity of wear.

T-shirts are everywhere, bringing instant awareness and brand recognition for your company, product or service. Think about buying logo t-shirts for your employees, sales team members and clients. Have your event staff make a statement with vibrant colors. T-shirts have a large imprint area to showcase your sponsor logos, providing a fundraising opportunity for your non-profit organization. Our clients tell us tees are the most popular gift for event visitors, employees, and clients. Custom printed apparel establishes brand goodwill and is a wonderful investment in building brand awareness.

This infographic (link) depicts the popularity of imprinted t-shirts and the reasons why they are such a good investment. If we can help you design and select a promotional t-shirt (or other apparel item) for your business or event, give us a call at 888.235.3088.

Infographic courtesy of ASI.

Infographic of branded shirt popularity