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In Awards and Recognition by Lynn Pechinski

The Story Exchange is the premier media organization dedicated to telling the personal and professional stories of women who have started their own businesses, social enterprises and non-profits. An independent, 501(c)(3)—non-profit video initiative and digital platform that aims to increase the exposure and understanding of entrepreneurial women around the world. Their mission is to teach the importance of role models, and that’s what The Story Exchange is all about: it’s women inspiring women. The Story Exchange connects women from the American Mid-West to the suburbs of Mumbai, India. Women access the know-how, action steps, and inspiration needed to start and run a business. Women share their stories about why they began their companies — and what they’ve learned along the way — to encourage others to do the same. The Story Exchange Exchange is led by an award-winning, documentary filmmaker and a former banking executive. The team stands out for its background in broadcast and print journalism, interlaced with decades of experience in the business and financial world. Their goal is to empower women to gain economic freedom and a lifestyle of their choosing through entrepreneurship. Lynn’s story was featured in July 2013 on The Story Exchange website.   [/fancy-ul][/box]