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8 Essential Elements of Great Logo Design

In Copywriting & Design by Lynn Pechinski

We all know what a great logo looks like. We are surrounded by logos in our daily lives, and some are so memorable that we can conjure their images in our minds easily. While it’s not difficult to cite an example of an effective logo, it’s not always easy to identify what makes that logo so powerful. Creating – or updating – a logo for your business involves much consideration about what the design should communicate about your brand. A successful logo design connects with the people you are trying to reach, makes you stand out from your competitors, and has a long-lasting impact on those who view it. But there is much more to logo design, and our latest LinkedIn Pulse article discusses the eight critical factors you need to know if you’re looking to either revamp an existing logo or develop a logo design from scratch: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/8-essential-elements-great-logo-design-lynn-pechinski