Direct Mail and
Cross Platform Marketing

Let us show you how segmenting your audience and tailoring your message to each segment can generate increased response rates and a better return on your marketing investment. Integrate your online and offline marketing and get better results with our full-service, custom-designed cross-media marketing campaigns. Establish 360° marketing by bringing your target audience to your website. Individual websites created with special landing pages drive real-time response rates to your campaigns.

Direct mail pieces, such as postcards, can be designed to include variable data fields that are personalized for each recipient. In addition to names and addresses, these fields can include a personalized URL (PURL) that directs the recipient to a personal landing page (or microsite) specifically designed just for them. The more segmented your mailing list, the more focused your marketing message can be. A personal QR code can also be incorporated for the same person, so that a recipient can easily scan it with their smartphone. Personal landing pages can be tailored to include segment-specific photos and designs and can even feature offers, opt-ins, event registrations and surveys – all customized to meet your unique needs and integrated with your overall marketing strategy in both design and function. Each landing page has an easy-to-remember URL using your own domain and is responsive, for desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile viewing. Variable data printing using PURLs creates an interactive experience and is therefore more engaging.

You can track and measure response results in real time so that your high-quality leads can be followed up with promptly by phone or email. You receive detailed information about every visitor to each page, such as page visits, link clicks, and opt-in and survey responses (where applicable). This data can be used not only to track each individual campaign but also to measure responses over the course of subsequent campaigns, so effectiveness can be evaluated and improved upon.

Another option is to use a static, generic URL (GURL) to capture all visitors from a segment (geographic location, demographic, etc.). This allows you to track response from each segment using only one page, and you can update content on each page as needed.


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