Holly Rennie Calendar Cover
1st Straw Marketing & Promotions provides full-service graphic design and copy for a 100% custom calendar, or design templates to be used with custom photography. The options are nearly endless to meet every budget, size and distribution requirements. Calendar promotions represent over $1 billion dollars of industry revenue and rank in the top five categories of promotional products. Wall calendars, day planners, desk calendars and monitor calendars are everywhere. Calendars are used daily and can be designed to carry custom messages throughout the year.
Lynn and 1st Straw just finished the largest marketing piece I have taken on yet in my career, both in number of units as well as content. It provided local retailers the opportunity to advertise and also contained a fundraising component for “Birds for Boobs”. The job was a challenge for both of us but Lynn and team met the challenges head on. She never showed me or my staff the “hard part” of the project as she handled all of the issues on her own so that the process appeared smooth to me. She and her staff were well organized and creative throughout the project. Very professional and expert in every step of the process and resourceful as well, which was key to the completion on budge and on time. I expect there to be good residual business as well as strong consumer relations as a direct result of this project.H. R., Ferguson Dechert Real Estate

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