Lynn Pechinski

About Lynn Pechinski

Lynn is a results-driven, resourceful marketing professional, social media strategist and trainer with over 30 years of experience working for Fortune 500 corporations before launching her company in the spring of 2001. She creates dynamic marketing programs for clients that produce measurable results. Her specialties are marketing and event planning, copywriting, graphic design, printing, and promotional products. Lynn holds a B.S. from Rider University with a double major in Economics and Management.

How can Lynn help your business grow?

Corporate Businesses: These are businesses that need to market for lead generation, lead conversion to sales, brand establishment, brand visibility, profit growth, marketing cost reduction, and increased website audience or traffic. They need to know how to measure their marketing results, optimize marketing results, and leverage their limited marketing budget.

Nonprofit Organizations: These are businesses that need to generate more donor contributions, establish strategic fundraising partners, reduce marketing costs, get more website audience, measure their marketing results, optimize marketing results, leverage their limited marketing budget, and create a surplus for to do their good works.

Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners: These types of businesses need a marketing plan to define their key performance objectives of generating revenue, controlling expenses and making a profit. We can help them launch a new business. Get in business and stay in business. We can help them to execute their plan, interpret their marketing results and tweak for better results.

Specialties: Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Brand Establishment, Brand Visibility, Profit Growth, Marketing Cost Reduction, Website Audience Development, Marketing ROI, Reducing Marketing Costs.

No matter what type or size of your business, let Lynn and the staff of 1st Straw Marketing & Promotions help you reach your marketing goals.

30 Plus Years Marketing Experience

Marketing Pro for Lead Generation & Conversion, Branding, Fund Raising, Online Marketing Strategist for Companies & Non-Profits

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